All the news and updates on sports with Mysportk by Tekka

Mysportk is a service dedicated to sports enthusiasts and those who like to stay informed on news related to championships, matches, players and market negotiations.

Football, tennis, rugby, basketball, volleyball, football but also motorcycle racing, motor racing and downhill skiing. In this portal by Tekka you will find insights on each of these sports, with accurate and timely updates.


News and results: sport according to Tekka is at 360 °

To convey the world of sports, Tekka has conceived a service divided into two parts: the first one, more editorial, contains videos and articles on different disciplines at national and international level; the second one is completely dedicated to football and it has the results and statistics related to the most recent games.

Therefore, Tekka's goal is being able to offer its users a 360° view of sports, with news that combine the variety of information with the quality content.

Mysportk: a service for everyone

For true enthusiasts and sportsmen: Mysportk is a service for everyone. It is ideal for those who watch every single game of their favorite team, but also for those interested in sports that often have little space in the traditional media.

Whether the user is interested in the champions’ personal lives or only on the result, Mysportk will provide everything he or she is looking for.